utye&skis walking along the skier

The new ski carrier utye is ideal if at the end of the day you can feel your legs, you are happy but your shoulders are not up to carrying the load. We all like skiing down the mountain, on a Sunny day it’s like heaven on earth. Especially if it’s Sunny…The problem starts at […]

Quote of the day: ‘We are all tourists in this world, just passing by’

We recommend to our Customers to buy our product on Amazon simply because of the cheaper transport charges. Quote of the day: ‘Nothing stays the same, even our problems..’

Tired of carrying skis? After an uplifting day of skiing continue your delightful day, just wrap the tail end of skis to the elasticated band of Utye and off you go! Your ski carrier fits your pocket or you can carry it in your back pack whilst skiing. Its safe and easy to use, after a long day its delightful […]