Utye- ski carrier @ ISPO Munich 2017, our impressions afterwards

Ski carrier utye was on show, for the first time, at ISPO 2017 to the Industry Professionals.

ISPO is very lively, busy, overwhelming & full of important executives. Mind blowing amount of skis, helmets, googles, sporting wear and more much more on show for the 17-18 winter season, so buyers walk/run in groups of 2 or 3 full of energy in the morning. 8 hours and hundreds of products later they start looking glassy eyed…

We met very friendly people in Munich. Especially Taxi drivers, say hello and you’ll learn their life stories; one Mexican and another Turkish; they both had 7 children and 3 grandchildren; is this a rule to be a driver?? If you manage to get lost in the Tube- even though it’s colour coded, German efficiency- you’ll bump into some friendly Americans who’ll help you. In Munich everyone is friendly and service orientated until you get back on the BA flight and the stroppy Stewardess will bring you back to reality & you’ll start to relax and feel at home as you don’t have to be extra friendly anymore.

Are skiers ready for our ski carrier Utye? No one’s ready for something new unless they discover how useful, cool it is. And that’s the challenge. But without challenges life gets boring and that’s the biggest fear…


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