Tired of carrying skis? Utye is the solution

The new ski carrier utye is ideal if at the end of the day you can feel your legs, you are happy but your shoulders are not up to carrying the load.

We all like skiing down the mountain, on a Sunny day it’s like heaven on earth. Especially if it’s Sunny…The problem starts at the end of the day when I finish skiing and I feel tired and don’t feel like carrying my skis. It’s not that I am lazy or anything, skis are heavy and cumbersome to carry, & I wasn’t born with skis on my feet by the Alps. So I don’t feel like lugging the skis on my shoulders and walk carefully; trying to avoid being hit by someone else’s skis over the head. And watching the pavement for icy patches. So now I instead of carrying them I use Utye and my skis walk along with me. Safe and easy. And it’s small and light, so you can carry it in your pocket during the day.



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