UTYE-Brilliant pocket sized ski carrier- Weight off your shoulders

Utye -small, pocket sized ski carrier, let your skis walk along with you

Pocket Sized Ski Carrier

 UTYE TAKES THE WEIGHT OFF YOUR SHOULDERS-Pocket sized-Safety and health conscious



  • Safe for you and others, skis on the ground and in front where you can see them
  • Works on snow and asphalt
  • No more shoulder, back or hip ache from carrying skis
  • Easy to fit and use, easier to get around and turn around
  • Very light, weighs only 200 gr
  • Insert the tail-end of skis into the box, secure the skis with the strap tightly and its ready to go


                                        Tired of carrying skis? Use Utye

Skiers spend a significant amount of time carrying skis to and from and around the ski resort. Skis are typically carried on the shoulder which can pose significant danger to passers-by due to their protruding nature or from falling skis or from skis being swung around. Carrying skis in this manner is not ideal since the paths around ski resorts can be narrow and crowded.
Aside from the various problems associated with carrying the skis, there is also the weight of the equipment to consider. For example, a pair of adult skis can weigh as much as 6 kilogrammes and uneven distribution of weight on one side may lead to back and shoulder injuries. Furthermore, in the case of a family of skiers, parents will likely need to carry their children’s skis in addition to their own, which may exacerbate the aforementioned problems.

Utye and skier walking along

utye&skis walking along the skier